Published: 27th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

With the right wheelchair, people are capable of so much more

Career and personal life aspirations can become a reality ………

Since I was 11, I’ve been a wheelchair user; I know, first-hand how challenging and time consuming it can be to get the right wheelchair, suitable seating and the follow up care required.

I also know that there are people working in the NHS trying their very best to provide services that match up to people’s needs. But things are never straightforward.

Hearing from disabled people I know that when you have the right wheelchair, you don’t think twice, you get on with things like others do. You can enjoy independence, seize opportunities and live a fulfilling life. But when people can’t secure appropriate wheelchair services, life can be put in limbo, and a progressive condition doesn’t allow them the luxury of a lengthy wait.

I want to make sure everyone has an equal chance at securing the right wheelchair, giving individuals the opportunity to achieve their personal goals and to have independence. I hope for consistency, fairness and high quality services throughout England but for this, I need you to join me and be involved in positive change.

So please take the time to read through the Alliance’s Charter, pledge your support for its and join me in taking action to help improve wheelchair services.

Your support is truly vital and will help me personally, as well as thousands of wheelchair users, in improving and supporting this often forgotten service. Thank you.

Tanvi Vyas
Trailblazers Project Manager, Muscular Dystrophy UK
Member of the Wheelchair Leadership Alliance

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