Published: 16th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

Why the Right Chair Charter and Campaign are so important

I began using a wheelchair at age 14, I was provided with an indoor only electric wheelchair to use at school. I was not allowed to take it outside which obviously made socialising hard.

At 17 I asked a charity to buy me an outdoor electric wheelchair so that I could go to university….. it took until I was 22 for the NHS to finally provided me with an electric wheelchair I could use outdoors. Sadly, the batteries are so poor (even after repeated replacements) that I’ve have to buy my own batteries for it and relegate it to my spare chair after 2 years. I’ve had to buy my own ever since.

I’ve never had a service or other check of my wheelchair that I haven’t organised myself.

It took over a year for the NHS to provide me with a manual wheelchair that can be propelled with one hand. In the end, the chair had to be obtained from France.

This is why well all need to work together and support the RIGHT CHAIR RIGHT TIME RIGHT NOW Charter and Campaign.


Wheelchair User

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