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The Wheelchair Leadership Alliance Blog is designed to help you find out more about our campaign, the state of wheelchair services in England and progress on our improvement efforts in the words of our members.

We will also feature guest blogs on related content, so be sure to check back regularly.

If you are passionate about improving the quality of wheelchair services, or would like to voice your opinion on the matter by writing a blog post, please visit our Contact us page.

Published: 29th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

For many years those who have influence over different aspects of the Wheelchair delivery machine have been saying that something needs to be done to improve services, to deliver better solutions for wheelchair users and improve their quality of life.

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Categories: Attitudes Change
Published: 27th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

Career and personal life aspirations can become a reality ……… Since I was 11, I’ve been a wheelchair user; I know, first-hand how challenging and time consuming it can be to get the right wheelchair, suitable seating and the follow up care required. I also know that there are people working in the NHS trying their very best to provide services that match up to people’s needs. But things are never straightforward.

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Categories: Quality of Life
Published: 24th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

Monday was the launch of the long awaited wheelchair charter.  Why else would you find yourself in a wheelbarrow on Parliament square at 9.30 am in the drizzle??

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