Published: 29th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

Influencing Attitudes, Affecting Change

For many years those who have influence over different aspects of the Wheelchair delivery machine have been saying that something needs to be done to improve services, to deliver better solutions for wheelchair users and improve their quality of life.

However, this needs to be done at the same time as making sure that services provide value for money.  Whilst there has been tinkering here and there with improvements made in some local areas, there has never been an effective national effort to address the diverse problems in a coherent way.

Because of the tinkering it is clear that some examples of good practice and good service delivery have emerged, however this has put a spotlight on services who have not risen to the challenges of the need to improve.  Sadly the poorer areas of service are emphasised whilst the better areas that should be celebrated stay in the shadows, this needs to change.

Finally, with the creation of The Wheelchair Alliance there has been an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to influence change.  The Alliance has established a Charter which reflects the views of Service Users, Service Providers, Clinicians, Commissioners and Manufacturers and should be seen as wholly holistic mechanism to improve services across the country.

Once the Charter become recognised service users should be able to engage with service providers and commissioners at a personal and collective level to not only influence but also to affect change.

The Charter is only the start of a national initiative to make changes to service users locally and should enable senior NHS leaders to ensure that the good practices that emerge become embedded into a service that really makes a difference to all wheelchair users nationally.


Doug Morris
Wheelchair Leadership Alliance Member
South West Representative (NNPCF)

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