Published: 17th July 2015
Author: Acceleris

Getting the right wheelchair can help children become more independent and develop their self-esteem

Being the parent of a child who uses an electric wheelchair all of the time, I have encountered first-hand some of the challenges and barriers that need to be overcome to get the right wheelchair in a timely way.

I have also seen how hard things are when a wheelchair is not available because of breakdown and how life can be interrupted because of the lack of mobility.

Although I know how hard it can be to obtain a wheelchair, I have also been involved in effective assessments, resourcing and delivery of wheelchairs that included a holistic view across services and a collaborative approach to commissioning. This resulted in getting the RIGHT CHAIR at the RIGHT TIME.

I know which method I preferred!

A child needs to access school and the curriculum and be included in other activities in the community. We must remember that for those needs to be met, a wheelchair needs to function in a range of environments.

So please take the time to read through the Alliance’s Charter, pledge your support for its principles and join me in taking action to help improve wheelchair services.

Your support is truly important to ensure children who need them get the right wheelchairs in helpful timescales that meet their developing needs. Thank you.


Doug Morris
National Network of Parent Carer Forums Steering Group
Member of the Wheelchair Leadership Alliance

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